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Another Upper Coomera Real Estate Agent Success Story

Zoe and Jason had a plan to move into their dream home, and David Jones Real Estate helped them realise that dream five years ahead of schedule by achieving a much higher sale price on their home than they thought was possible.  Local expertice combined with excellent marketing and negotiation skills means no othe Upper Coomera Real Estate Agent can consistently get the results we achieve for our sellers.

Zoe A.:
"My husband and I had an investment property, and we also owned the home that we were living in. After starting this business, we decided that we'd looked to free up a bit of capital by selling our investment property and hoping to inject the funds into the new business.

So we started to have a discussion about selling, and it was about the same time that my mother-in-law was also selling her property. Jason my husband had mentioned that that she used David and was exceptionally happy. And so we thought, Oh, let's just , you know, instead of being very time poor, instead of searching through all of these agents ... wasn't necessarily an exercise that we were looking forward to given our past experiences. So I think Jason organized a time to come around, and we sat at the kitchen table, and I think we digressed into many other things.

We found that we had a common ground and common interests. And I think we listed there and then for Charlton, which was our investment property. We're very happy. Let's get going. Let's see what we can do.

I think early indications on price certainly surprised us. I guess I don't think we thought that we were going to get what you were you were willing to list it for. And we were open just to see what happened. But during that conversation, I think you brought up with us ... you talked about the property that we were in, and we were very lucky. We were in a beautiful home. And yeah. You sort of said what prices you've been getting for properties similar in the area, and after you left that night I said to Jason, "Maybe we should be looking to sell this one, too."

There was never any intention of putting that one on the market. We had a five year plan. We were staying there. And we thought, "Why not?" David made us feel so comfortable and confident with the experience that he was going to guide us through that we thought, "Well, there's no harm in this deal. We just wanted to see what happens."

To our delight, our investment property didn't even make it to market. I think prior to the photographer even making it through, we had a contract. We were just absolutely over the moon. We changed all of our plans and decided to list our home that we were living in, pool the funds, and actually move into our dream home in Coomer Waters that we thought was actually five years away. We didn't think that it was dream that we were going to realize at the time."

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