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A Successful Oxenford Real Estate Sale

If you are looking for a real estate agent in Oxenford, you will want to talk to an agent with good knowledge of the area, and one who will give you an honest appraisal of the property and the market.  Caleb and Kim spoke to some Oxenford real estate agents about selling their house before making a dchoice. This is what they had to say about David Jones Real Estate.


"Yeah, we were extremely happy with the service and advice that we got from David Jones, right from the beginning. From the very first consultation, he had a very good knowledge of the area, of the real estate market, of negotiation and from that very first meeting when I was looking for an agent, I was very impressed. He was very professional. He seems to operate very integerously and he seemed honest. He wasn't just trying to sell me him. He was just showing me what he does and how he does it in and right throughout the whole selling process, then after we decided to go with him, he was very professional.

Even from our photo shoot at our house, he told us exactly what we needed to do, tips to make it look better and cleaner so it could marketed better online, which was good. He told us things to worry about, things not to, which is good because it meant less work for us. And he'd give us great feedback wouldn't he? Report every time after an open house, who came through, their feedback, their price opinion, stuff like that, which really sort of helped us to gauge what our house was worth.

"I think what meant the most to us is that David was integrous, that he was very genuine and really meant what he said and if he was going to do something you would follow through with that and always checked in to see how we were feeling and if we were comfortable and and happy with the service."

"David Jones, we totally recommend him. Right throughout the process, he was super reliable, his communication was great and even when our house sold, we can look back and see that he had our interest at heart. And he was trying to do what's best for us, not just a quick sale. He was happy to work through the process and take as long as we wanted to get the outcome we wanted, which was cool.

David really worked with us and for us in the negotiating process, and he really found a happy medium that we were happy with in the end, and he worked hard, didn't he? Negotiating and get the sellers, I mean get the buyers to where we wanted to and we were happy to sell at, and he really fought for us there, which was great. And then right throughout the process, then into settlement, he really communicated really well and kept us in the loop with where things are at, what was happening and worked out great at the end."

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So Why Should You Choose David Jones Real Estate for Oxenford Property Sales?

  1. We Listen
  2. We offer free, informed and honest appraisals on Oxenford Real Estate
  3. We will list your Oxenford property with zero up front costs
  4. We offer a 30 Day no lock in trial
  5. We create custom marketing strategies for each property
  6. Our Oxenford Real Estate Agents are all trained negotiators and will get you the best price for your property

 David Jones Real Estate agents are low on hype and big on results.  We work with you to get the very best result for you.  So if you are looking for an Oxenford Real Estae Agent, talk to David Jones Real Estate and get a free, no obligation, no pressure appraisal of your property.. 

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