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Another Ormeau Real Estate Agent Success Story

Not all Ormeau Real Estate Agents are equal.  At a time when many real estate agents are downsizing or even leaving the industry, David Jones Real Estate is continuing to grow on the foundation of honesty, integrity, service and critically, sales success where others are failing.  Here is the feedback from one of our clients.



"Previously, we tried to sell our acreage in Ormeau and it wasn't a success. Agents tried their level best and there was no end result. The result is, we withdrew the house from the market. Subsequent to that, I met up with David. Heard that he was a real estate agent. Got to speak with David, got to understand what makes David tick, and decided to initially give David the listing to find out if he can do what others couldn't do.

David came across as very knowledgeable. Knew the market well. Had a lot of ways of marketing the place. Previous agents or my dealings with agents in general, they will just list your place. They will just begin with open homes and not really give you much insight as to what they are doing. Whereas, with David, it is a matter of he's going to tell you exactly step one, step two, step three. You know that he's not just winging it. He definitely has a strategy in how he's going to approach selling your house.

Speaking with David, he came up with a different price, a higher price, and the reason why he had asked for a higher price was because he knew exactly what he was doing. It was a totally different strategy to the norm. The other agents seemed to just follow a pattern that wasn't really any logic behind it. David seemed to know what he was talking about and had a totally different strategy to the other agents.

Having engaged with David, the whole strategy of how David was marketing my place, he wasn't just asking for money. He was willing to take the risk on his shoulders and said, "Okay, you pay me once the job is done," type of scenario, which gave us more confidence that David knew exactly what he was doing. So it wasn't money upfront, but it was a matter of, "I'll put my reputation on the line to prove to you that I can do the job. I don't need your money upfront." Which he duly did, which we duly accepted, and it has worked out fine.

At the end of the day, when we sold our property, the prices that David had quoted us was pretty much spot on. Whereas, if I had gone with the other agents, I would have been out of pocket to many tens of thousands of dollars, which I'm eternally grateful to you, David Jones Real Estate.

David Jones is a man of integrity. He's a guy that's dependable. He's a guy that's knowledgeable. He's a guy that's reliable. He's a guy that's going to do what he says. He's not a man that's going to give you hot air and give you nothing and leave you feeling deflated. He's going to tell you something and you're going to feel quite confident and you're going to feel good that he is going to achieve the results that he has set out to achieve. So, integrity, integrity, integrity. That's all I can say, integrity."

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